About Us

EL ALFY is one of the leading multinational companies in the business of Natural Stone Manufacturer, supplier and Contractor. Over the last decade we have worked closely with a wide variety of architects, Consultants and Project managers on a range of new construction and renovation projects.

All our projects are vastly diverse in terms of budget and style and we are recognized worldwide for the quality of our work. Our Factories are a community of Engineers, Designers and Project managers who bring creativity and talents to the Project. This expertise and experience in an International field, combined with the unique background of the principals, enables EL ALFY to produce innovative Products of the highest quality.

By working toether with our clients and following the principles of Premium Service, Quality, Sustainability, Safety and Scheduling, we continue to strengthen our excellent reputation in the marketplace as a cost effective, responsive and quality organization.

Our Branches in Qatar, UAE and Egypt supports each other in operations as well as working independently on equally challenging projects.

Above all, it is our lateral thinking, ability and years of experience that makes EL ALFY one of the leaders in the Stone manufacturing Industry.

From Our Director

Ashraf El Alfy
Eng. Ashraf El Alfy
Managing Director

El Alfy group has been growing toughly and vigorously for over the years since the group has been established in Egypt 1989, in Dubai 2004 and Qatar 2007. There is strong impression and feeling when I recall the difficulties in the starting and pleasures in each step of the success.

Over the past years, El Alfy has become one of the largest enterprises in Egypt, Dubai and Qatar with a turnover of USD 30 Million. In the meantime, El Alfy has owned many innovations in marble and granite manufacturing and design to meet the client’s requirements.

“Great things are done when men and mountains meet.” By William Blake We believe that with the leading, support, care of our employees and shareholders associations, the assistance and cooperation of our partners, El Alfy will stride ahead steadily and realize glory and dream we pursue as we expand not only in Egypt but also in different regions seeking success in strong competitive atmosphere.

In a word, no matter whatever the market changed, it is not changed in the Three Key Principles of El Alfy that the consumers always pursue better quality life, the investors always require more and more business profits, and the government always expect enterprises could undertake society responsibility.

For these reasons, no matter the past and the present or the future, “the Three Key Principles” of El Alfy is not only the immovable strategic director, but also the foundation to keep enterprise base young.

Let’s join hands to build a brilliant future for our enterprise.


We want to add a touch of natural beauty to your own world by providing the highest-quality services and products. We want to widen our network of clients internationally and become one of the leading stone companies in the region by applying the latest technology.


Our mission is to scrutinize economic Policies continuously. Evaluate the economic strategizing the targeted country and extend Market shares by understanding client needs. We want to be competitive in the market and to operate in a results oriented, profitable manner.


We have Honesty and integrity in all our relationships. Have pride and caring in all what we do and we are constantly exceeding expectations. We are doing Innovation and outstanding teamwork. Have reliability, dedication and loyalty. Development and Research.


We want to benefit our Share holders; Sustain a quality customer service; Reduce employee turnover; Unleash and support the human resources development program. We also want to extend Market shares.